During the holidays in Scalea you can't resist without visiting Maratea, heading north, is the first town in Basilicata which meets, and it is inevitable to stop. The country, with its immense territory, will provide the opportunity for lovers of the sea and the... Continue reading


Buonvicino is a Rupestrian village perched on a hill overlooking the Valley of the river Corvino, all of that gives it a typical aspect of the crib. Founded after the union of three villages, the name, according to many scholars, is derived from the change of... Continue reading


Papasidero is part of the Pollino National Park, bathed by the river Lao that sneaks in a narrow valley carved into the rock, it is definitely a place of worship for lovers of rafting and beyond, there are numerous itineraries for trekking enthusiasts who want to... Continue reading


Orsomarso is a place which gathers vast portions of tourists. Those interested in history can visit the Church of Santa Maria dei Mercuri dating from the 10th century and remained the only evidence of ancient Mercurion, the Church of San Giovanni Batista with paintings... Continue reading


For mountain lovers cannot miss a visit to Verbicaro, one of the first countries to the entrance of the National Park of Pollino. Fresh air, stunning views, typical dishes in the kitchen and many churches with a charming old town, make the village one of... Continue reading