Rafting in Parco del Pollino

"LAO ACTION RAFT" of Scalea will show you how to make bringing in wild places, giving you emotions, backed by the sea and in front of her eyes emerald green that is reflected in the waterways of the National Park of Pollino. Rafting generally known as "extreme... Continue reading

What to do in Pollino National Park

Quad adventure You can live an unforgettable experience along the routes of the Pollino National Park that QUAD ADVENTURE provides, through creeks and green valleys, trails, forests, rivers and fords, enjoying our beautiful view. You can choose between excursions of different lengths and difficulty. In any... Continue reading

Pollino National Park

The Park, which was established in 1993, stretching along the Pollino massif, southern Apennines chain and lies on the border between Basilicata and Calabria. Its peaks, among the highest in the South, are generally covered with snow from November to may and by his mountaintops can... Continue reading